History of Lake Placid Camp & Conference Center

Lake Placid Camp & Conference Center property is a part of 3,000 acres owned by Dr. Melvin Dewey, originator of the Dewey Decimall system used by librarians for more than a century.  Dr. Dewey built his winter home and guest lodges on the site in the 1920's.  Many famous people traveled to this beautiful resort to get out of the winter weather and to enjoy Dewey's spectacular hospitality.  The list of famous guests includes the Churchills, Fords, Houghs, DuPonts and several movie stars and politicians.  The two mansions, called Lil Loj and Live Oak, remain

today as the center of the exciting resort.  After Dewey's death in 1935, the site became known as Southwinds and continued on for several years.  In 1997 the Southern Florida District Church of the Nazarene acquired the center.  Over the past years many new buildings have been built to host over 30,000 guests per year.  The center is open year round and can host up to 600 at a time.  Lake Placid Camp & Conference Center is honored to continue Dr. Dewey's grand dream and vision for this jewel called Lake Placid Camp & Conference Center.



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